Sauna - Finland.

Great holiday at any time of the year for the whole family and friends!

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0.00 (With VAT 21%)

Technical data

External dimensions: 4 x 3 m

Wall height:

2.3 m 
Ridge height: 2.7 m 
Wall thickness: 70 mm

Internal area:

11 m(sauna room 3.6 m2)

Floor thickness:

28 mm 


Pine tree, spruce

Door width:

 1.43 x 1.95 m, + interior door 0.8 x 1.98 m + sauna interior door 0.7 x 1.94 m

Roof area:

16 m2, 18 mm
Door:  Semi-glazed double wooden doors + Special sauna doors made of 8mm bronze tempered glass
Window:  2 double-glazed windows with 3 mm thick glass (1.5 x 0.88 m) + sauna window 0.91 x 0.51 m


Included in price

Wooden wall construction;

Wooden roof construction;

Wooden floor construction;

Doors and windows;


Mounting Instructions.




Roof coverings;

Facade painting;

Foundation building.